Divine Infusion

“My message for today is one of energy.  This energy is Divine Infusion energy for the sacred purpose of Love.  Therefore sacred energy will be caused to transform all.  Indeed all is being made manifested utilizing the energy of Love’s infusion on earth.  We of Divine Energy indeed greet thee beloved ones.  Many have come to this planet to partake … Read MoreDivine Infusion

All Is Created

“My dear children,  I Am thy I Am speaking through my Sarah.  All are welcome with me.  Dear ones join me as I tell thee that all is indeed well.  For all is being created upon earth as is planned by our Great Creator.  All energies are present for the continuation of the creation of my Kingdom on earth.  Light … Read MoreAll Is Created

Divine Light Infusion

“My children I greet thee for my purpose of Love eternally.  Therefore welcome once again to me, and my purpose on earth at this time in thy history.  I have come through Sarah again to speak to thee of a new way in which she shall serve me, and all of my ways with thy Creator.  Now is the time … Read MoreDivine Light Infusion


“Dear ones I Am the I Am with thee as thou travels thy paths on earth.  Therefore forsake not thy ways to take great advantage of this opportunity to reach ascension within thee.  So also do I say to thee forsake not thy opportunity to be baptised of the Holy Spirit.  For indeed this is of our Great Creator’s way … Read More“Baptism”

“Light Energy”

“Indeed my Light energy is perfection.  So also is all of my energy, in oneness, perfection.  Therefore the self of my children is Light energy perfection in my eyes.  Therefore seek this perfection that is within thee.  Remember thyself inwardly dear children.  For I have created thee in my image.  Namaste”


“Dear ones of Light consciousness I greet thee.  I Am Lord Sananda with thee.  Thy sacredness pleases me with thee beloveds.  Give forth charity to thyself, to others.  For in giving forth charity thou art blessed among others, and in thyself.  Seek therefore the Light within thee also.  For the Light is also charity energy.  Charity is in thee.  Simply … Read More“Charity”


“The secret to Great Happiness is Love in thee.  Therefore Love thyself Greatly.  Adhere to thy faith in thy abilities that are sacred in thee.  Accept thyself completely, wishing only to create healing within thee.  For thou art Creators beloved ones.  Utilize thy ability to heal thyself according to thy path chosen by thee long ago.  Utilize thy ability as … Read More“Happiness”


“Thou art asked to pervade with me my earth children, and thy willingness is greatly needed, for it is through thy willingness that I invite thee to me.  Indeed intension to do so is needed.  For thou art creators.  I must not ignore thy free will choices.  Therefore when I see thy intension set forth to be with me, then … Read More“Willingness”


“Mastery my beloveds is the Mastery of thyself in thy life, and in thy path.  Therefore Master thy life and thy path.  Mastery of thy life requires the noticing of how thou feels, and how thou acts.  Therefore notice these things in thyself.  Then notice how thou chooses to respond to these things.  Are thou choosing what is benefiting thy … Read More“Mastery”