“Creation of Light”

“Indeed I wish to speak of the creation of Light.  Therefore I have chosen to explain Light to you.  My Light infusion on earth indeed illuminates from the central sun,  For the central sun is a extension of the Great Creator’s energy.  I have chosen this form of infusion for my children’s sake, and for Gaia.  I Am indeed the … Read More“Creation of Light”

“The All”

“Indeed The All, my children, is my Creation, for I Am The All.  Thou art creators.  Therefore, consider the creation that thou chooses each day on earth.  Is all that thou chooses what you have received?  Do thou choose more for thyself?  We ask thee this because thy world is not thy ideal at this time.  Create thy world to … Read More“The All”


“Indeed I say to thee my children that our Sarah is indeed my daughter, of old history on earth, now incarnate upon earth to assist me in building my Kingdom on earth.  Therefore, I say to thee be ye aware of her importance in the building of the earthly Kingdom, now being created upon earth.  Allow thy selves to recognize … Read More“Sarah”

“Galactic Ones”

” Our beloved ones we wish to say to thee that the galactic ones are now here to mentor, and assist thee in other ways also.  Therefore, we say to thee ask for angels of healing to heal thee in all ways.  So also shall the galactic ones will assist the angels in healings, as needed.  Remain confident in these … Read More“Galactic Ones”


“Indeed my dear beloved children I Am he who has returned to earth to aid the Kingdom’s Creation on earth.  Indeed recognize that thou art my children of my way, and help to create this Kingdom with me.  Many are Masters here to help aid this return’s creations.    Therefore Masters, seek to aid me in this creation purpose of … Read More“Mastery”


“Indeed I speak to thee my children of Light within thy selves, for I Am Lord Sananda, the Christed energy, for my purpose of Love on earth.  I have come to thee for thy salvation.  Those who follow my way shall be redeemed.  Those who choose the way apart from me shall not enjoy peace inwardly.  Narrow is the way … Read More“Infusion”

“The Glory of God”

“I shall speak about the ever present Glory of God with thee. This Glory is the energy of the Holly Spirit among thee on earth.  It is given to thee freely, and without judgement of thee for thy sakes.  For our Creator is a Loving God, ever present, ever loving toward thee.  Seek this dear ones.  Namaste”