All Is Created

“My dear children,  I Am thy I Am speaking through my Sarah.  All are welcome with me.  Dear ones join me as I tell thee that all is indeed well.  For all is being created upon earth as is planned by our Great Creator.  All energies are present for the continuation of the creation of my Kingdom on earth.  Light beings are here to assist Sarah for my purpose on earth.  So also shall the earth rise, and ye are risen through thy remembering.  Remember therefore, my children, who thou art with me.  Work to help create the continuation of my works, with thy Creator, upon earth.  Remember we are all one, and all must be created as one in purpose, and in action.  Indeed I Am well pleased that many desire to follow me.  I Am in oneness within them, and our purpose together.  Dear ones, seek thy solace within thee, with me, in thy prayers and meditations.  In this oneness prepare thy selves by clearing unhelpful energies of hurt in thy mind, and consciousness, so also thy bodily energies.  Work to remember that I Am in thee awaiting thy recognition of me there in thee.  Namaste”