“Fullness In Your Path”

“Seek fullness in your path dear ones.  The fullness I speak of is the securing of Oneness with me.  Seek ways of healing inwardly until you have mastered all that is necessary to know.  But so also shall you be required to follow my way.  For in doing so you shall achieve in fullness the Kingdom in you.  Be not deciding to search partially your way with me.  For many are now doing this.  Shall you work so hard to achieve Oneness, yet turn from me, not recognizing that you must follow the Divine Way set forth in the agreement you have made with me, to indeed, when it is time for you to follow me and my ways, choose instead to not do so with me?  Loose not your Kingdom by seeking only your understandings which are indeed limited.  I have much to share that is not yet known, to even my Lightworkers.  Do some of you not train hard to win a race to win it, by running the course in fullness?  Therefore I see not many wishing to sit on the side of the race, choosing instead to run their course in fullness.  Your path requires that you join with me at this time to seek my teachings also, and to follow my ways.  For I say to you you shall not be fully guided into the Kingdom on earth unless you seek it in fullness with me, for I Am Truly The Light And The Way.  I Am The I Am In Fullness.  Namaste”