“Self Deception Within”

“Seek Truth in you dear ones.  Seek no longer self deception in you.  Call forth the Truth in you.  The Truth of who you can be.  Deceive not yourselves in thinking there is no God Upon High who indeed Loves you.  Tell not yourselves that you are separate from me, nor any other.  All are responsible to know this in themselves.  Take up your responsibility to depart from self deception in you.  For indeed I know all things in you.  Therefore it is your responsibility to know this in you also.  For indeed you have come to earth to seek this self deception in you and to cast it aside.  I Am the I Am in you.  I do not deceive myself.  You shall not deceive yourself.  You seek the perfect life and Love upon earth yet cast it aside in the belief that you are in control of all you seek.  It is Truly this belief in you that promotes self deception.  You are me and I Am you.  This is the Truth you must embrace dear ones.  For in accepting this as Truth you shall know that it is necessary to discard your false belief that you are in control, for it is I myself that controls all, for Truly I Am in my wisdom directing the path of each one of you.  All shall be solved by me, and by those who believe in me, because they who believe shall reside with me in my energy and purpose.  Therefore seek my ways beloved ones in the presence of Truth that is not the way of self deception.  Namaste to all.”