“Divine Presence”

“Seek Divine Presence dear ones of earth, for Divine Presence is in you.  Some of my children on earth recognize its presence in them and utilize my presence, while others are completely unaware of its presence in them.  Become aware of this in you so that you can intentionally become one with it in you.  For it is necessary to seek my presence in you.  Indeed my children are required to seek me, for I Am waiting for you.  The world in which you live is a illusion created by you, and you must see through this illusion to find my Truth in you.  I do not force my children to do this for I in my Love for them have decided to not interfere with their free will to decide to search for me in them.  I prefer rather to see in them their willingness to receive me.  Does not a parent wish for the Love of the child toward him or her to manifest.  So also do I wish for this.  So also must I leave them to their task of lessons to be observed and learned while on earth.  Free will must be utilized in the seeking of solving difficulties utilizing free will within them.  So learn your lessions dear ones, and be content that I have given you your free will to do so.  For I delight in your accomplishments as do your earthly parents delight in this also.  Namaste”