“I Am”

“I Am the I Am.  Indeed I greet you.  Indeed all are the I Am presence.  For indeed I have created you in my image.  Therefore celebrate your inner connection with me.  I desire this connection with you.  Seek the inner you to discover who you truly are with me.  My Light shines forth through you my children.  Let this Light shine on all who are near you.  Seek this inner Light so that others can be guided to it within themselves also.  My Light within you can be utilized to heal you dear ones, to heal your world around you.  You see much inner chaos in your world around you, in those who have this inner chaos within them.  Help to free them by displaying your inner Light to all through your good intentions to be helpful to yourself and to them.  Kindness, compassion, and Love expressed to them and to yourself reveals the Light that is within you, to all who are around you.  Therefore be the Light shown to all my children of the earth.  I Am the Light who shines within you, the presence that heals you.  Namaste”