“My dear children indeed I Am your Creator.  I Am The Light And The Way.  Therefore, listen well to me, for I Love You Greatly.  I wish to speak to you today, through my Sarah, about my synchronicity which is loving and kind to all in its purpose.  All things I give to you are indeed created through the use of my synchronicity.  Trust in my use of this Great energy which is guided by me for your benefit dear ones.  Trust, and in doing so, be guided by faith in me, that all things are orchestrated in perfect timing according to what I observe in your path with me.  For indeed I see all things in your life and path with me.  I shall not do something that shall harm you.  Rather, I choose to wait, at times, until what I choose will benefit you only.  So also, if I choose to withhold what is not complimentary for your life and path, this is done in Love and a wish to protect you.  Choose to be patient with me dear ones until you gain greater understanding concerning my ways with you.  Namaste”