“My purpose at this time on Earth”

“I Am the I Am speaking.  Welcome dear ones.  I shall now speak to you of my purpose at this time on earth.  For I now come again through Sarah my daughter of long ago.  She is my channel through which I choose to speak to you now.  I have come to clarify my purpose and my Truth as I speak to you.”

“Long ago I spoke to many about my Truth and my mission while on earth in physical form.  Many received me and my ways, while others denied me.  I have waited until this time in human history to again speak my Truth and reveal my ways to the children of earth for their sake.  Many believe falsehoods spoken about me.  In Truth I say to you that one false belief is that of the way I passed from earth long ago.  Indeed I did not pass from the earth plain on a cross, for to crucify me in that way would have caused those who believed in me, at that time, to view me as a martyr.  Those in power at that time would have wanted this not.  Therefore I say unto you that I was taken from my home, tied to a tree, in a secret place, and slain.  So also was my daughter Sarah hidden to save her.  My wife Mary Magdalene, who was not a prostitute, and who was my childhood friend, was also slain at that time. She was a devoted follower of my Truth and my ways among the children of earth.”

“My purpose on earth is at this time, as it was also then, to bring forth Truth and to be always speaking about Love, it’s purpose among my children of earth, their ascension efforts it supports, and to comfort them always. Therefore seek me in your heart, your mind, your soul, as you seek the Kingdom now being created on earth.”

“At this time our children are searching for Truth and Love on earth.  Therefore I have come to be with them once again.  Seek me within your heart, mind and soul, for I Am there with you.”

“I shall be speaking, through Sarah many Truths so that you might understand me and my ways.  I Am the I Am, Lord Jesus of Nazareth.  Namaste, which is to say to you that I honor you in all ways.”