“Listen well, for I have much Truth to tell you, with Love for you all”

“Dear ones of earth once again I seek to speak to you.  Listen well, for I have much Truth to tell you, with Love for you all.”

“I shall begin now.  I Am the I Am, so also known as Jesus, Jeshua Ben Joseph, Lord Sananda, the Christ and Yeshua.  I was incarnate long ago to bring the purpose of Love, and the opportunity to know Truth about me and my purpose while on earth for the sake of Creator’s children.  Therefore know dear ones that I Am in service to you all.”

“Indeed I wish to tell you that only oneness exists.  The belief in separateness between you and others on earth, and the belief that you are separate from the divine energy and divine consciousness is false belief.  All is one in oneness. Therefore cherish yourself and your brothers and sisters on earth.  Love one another completely.  Forgive each other, and yourself, for truly judgement does not exist within me nor Creator regarding the children of Creator on earth.  The belief in separateness divides our children in many ways.  This leads to judgement of others and of oneself.  Therefore believe in this not dear ones.  Be content with yourself and be content with others.  Come away from this belief in separateness for all are truly whole in the Creator’s eyes.  Namaste”