“All is truly sacred.”

“Dear ones I say to you all is truly sacred. You are sacred.  You are Loved endlessly  within Creator’s energy.  All is created within this loving energy and loving consciousness.  Be not harsh in your perceptions on earth, for this energy is of the belief in separateness which is the belief in lack of oneness.  This belief is the belief in the world of illusion, in which you now pervade.  For truly you have accepted the lie, given to you, in believing this.  So also in the eyes of Creator all is truly well.  Those on earth, who believe in separateness acknowledge the illusion instead of the true reality of divine knowledge.  Search for this Truth in you and acknowledge oneness.  Therefore, I say unto you come to know who you truly are.  You are manifestations of the one true Creator, for it has been spoken by Creator that you are made in his image.  Believe this dear ones for it is Truth that I say to you.  Namaste”