“Greetings to you”

“I Am that I Am dear ones of earth. Greetings to you. I Am Lord Sananda, known also as Jesus. I say to you that I have returned to complete the Kingdom energy as promised long ago. It pleases me that all is well so that my return can be accomplished at this time in your human history. My message is simple. This message is about Love and it’s aspects for all to enjoy. I Am pleased that many on earth can enjoy and benefit from my messages now, in a more direct way. I Am pleased that I can speak to you through my daughter Sarah easily, for she assists me in all ways necessary. Listen therefore to the wisdom coming forth from me, for it will be of Truth for all to hear. Namaste”

I Am that I Am, I Am Yeshua in this picture. Dear ones this is but one aspect of me, for there are many. Indeed I Am also known as Jesus of Nazareth.  Indeed the picture you see of me here is that of Christ Consciousness.  So also I Am known as Lord Sananda.